Digital marketing cycle: how does it work?

Digital marketing x Promotion x Positioning

What is the connection between digital marketing, promotion and positioning?

To promote (distribute) a product, you need to have someone to communicate with, who is your target audience. A company’s target audience is a group of people, usually quite heterogeneous, but with common geographical, psychographic and consumer characteristics.

These characteristics include purchasing behaviour, needs, moral values and psychosocial factors. Based on the general definition of these characteristics, positioning is possible.

It is correct to say that positioning is the basis of communication. If communication and promotion are the same, all advertising work should be oriented towards the position. Only then will communication have great opportunities to reach the heart of the target audience of the company.

Since digital marketing is created in an advertising connection, it is elementary that positioning determines the entire policy of the company on the Internet.

Visual identification x Person x Tone and Brand Style

There are three elements that need to be defined before thinking about digital marketing, because they will guide all communications.

A visual identity is important to make your brand recognizable. This helps to differentiate your brand in the consciousness of the consumer. If you have a clear position and you know what you want to report, you just have to give the designer a visual image.

It is worth noting that the designer is not the one who creates the logos, on the contrary, he is a professional who is able to understand the company’s strategy and convey its visual communication. In addition to the logo, this professional can help in the development of products, packaging and even in the development of the site.

Each brand has a tone and style, Tone is the way she talks to people, so it will be directly related to the style. If the style is young and funny, the tone of communication, whether in pictures or written messages, should be young and independent. If the brand has a bold style, communication should be abandoned.

A person is the third element. You have defined an audience for your product. At the moment of communication with him it is necessary to understand the main characteristics that synthesize the profile of this audience, taking into account what people have in common.

It is from this process that a person emerges. This is the character that we have created for the leadership, who will develop the communication campaigns in the company. In other words, everything will be done to convince you. The person is the synthesis of the consumer we intend to meet with our value proposition.

Website x Virtual store x Social networks x E-mail marketing

Once you have determined which elements should be present in your communication (visual identity + person + tone + brand style), you can now move on to specific digital marketing policies.

The first step is to structure the channels of communication with the public and what role each of them plays in the advertising strategy.

The site is the center of all digital marketing policy. It is the only address where the company can use all its strategies. The site is institutional and commercial. It represents the company, its products and its positioning. It may have mechanisms for direct purchase of products by the consumer. It can offer free services and interactions. Everything depends on the strategy developed.

A stores are actually a site only structured as a virtual point of sale. It is used in industries, distribution companies, wholesale and retail trade. These are the ones that have physical products, inventory and delivery structure. Orders are processed electronically.

It is important to reiterate that both the website and the virtual store must be fully integrated with visual brand identification, which must be present in everything that concerns the company. The same prerequisite should be present in the other two communication channels of the company: social networks and postal marketing.

Social media are interactive channels of communication. Among the main ones, we have SunTube or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter about LinkedIn, the choice of social networks used will depend on the business profile and target audience of the company. These are the factors that will also determine the types of publications, graphics and periodicity.

Postal marketing is the most powerful of all channels, because it is direct communication with a person that can be personalized. First of all, this interaction is allowed by the consumer, which allows the company to develop relations with him. Not to mention the fact that it is possible to segment its base by comparing the content delivered by e-mail with the profile of each segment and the stage of purchase where each person is located.

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