Diy CBD massage oil

Everyone knows that a good massage is relaxing for the body and mind. From head to toe and anywhere on the body, massage relieves stress and calms the senses. No wonder massage therapy was an $18 billion industry in the US by 2018.

Receiving a massage is usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of being pampered. That’s why this year, for Valentine’s Day, we thought that this CBD-infused massage oil, which you can make yourself, would be a great way to show your partner love and wish them well.

You can use CBD/CBG crystals or your favorite CBD oil

The combination of our CBD/CBG crystals with just a few drops of essential oils can help transform the entire experience, with the relaxing aroma that creates a spa-like atmosphere in your own home.

Essential oils use aromatherapy to help change the mood. Some people believe that essential oils can also help with everything from mood to energy elevation. Some studies can be found on this, but there is still not enough research on the possible health benefits of essential oils. Nevertheless, everyone can appreciate a good aroma.

To start making your massage oil, you will need to decide whether you want to use CBD oil or CBD crystals. Next, you will need to choose the essential oils.

Choosing a carrier oil

If you are using the CBD crystals, then you will have to choose a carrier oil. It is a good idea to choose an oil rich in saturated fats, as they are the perfect carrier for the body to absorb the cannabinoid. When making your own massage oil, sesame oil is a good, lightweight choice. Other good massage base oils are mustard, olive, grape seed and avocado.

Coconut oil and cocoa butter are also an excellent choice as they have many alleged health benefits. They also smell great, are excellent moisturizers and solidify at room temperature, so they can be used as a balm or lotion without the oil getting everywhere.

Once you have the carrier oil and the CBD crystals you are ready to create your own blend.

Choosing an essential oil

We have gathered some love-inspired essential oils, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate big or not this year, these essential oils are a great complement to the day’s plans.


Geranium essential oil is known for its sweet floral aroma. It is cheaper than rose oil with a similar aroma. Geranium is often used as a perfume as it can inspire tranquility.


Looking for something less floral? Neroli has a delicious citrus aroma. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day as it’s known to stimulate romance. Neroli is also used during wedding ceremonies for that reason. Using Neroli at home can definitely set the mood for Valentine’s Day.


If you’re looking for “CBD & Relax” this Valentine’s Day weekend, lavender is perfect as it promotes relaxation. It’s perfectly normal to be tired, stressed out and just want to relax on Valentine’s Day!


Sandalwood oil smells like a mixture of floral, rich, balsamic, soft and sweet accents. It is a great oil to inhale to facilitate relaxation of the body and mind. Because of its great aroma, it is often used as a base in many perfumes and colognes.

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